Azamara land-only holidays ‘highly conceivable’ says boss

Larry Pimentel, the president and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises, has said that he could see a future when his brand offers holidays that do not involve a cruise ship, calling the notion “highly conceivable”.

Azamara Club Cruises, which is part of Royal Caribbean, prides itself on being a destination specialist. The line’s 2020 programme includes 441 late and overnight stays in 76 countries.

Speaking to Cruise Adviser, Pimentel said: “Our 2020 brochure is called a Destination Guide, the word cruise is not mentioned on the cover. I have very comprehensive stories about our land offering. Our AzAmazing Evenings, for instance, are unique. They are products that cannot be Googled.”

Today we are a hybrid product. Could we one day sell land? I think that’s highly conceivable

Azamara puts on one AzAmazing Evening per cruise. The complimentary events are unique because they bring in so many different elements, according to Pimentel, from watching opera in Livorno to seeing a performance in the amphitheatre in the ruins of Ephesus. The line also has an extensive range of pre- and post-cruise options to include experiences such as going on a five-night safari or taking the Orient Express between London and Venice.

“We’re a no-cruise cruise,” adds Pimentel. “We’re every bit about the destination. People buy us because the ship gets them there – and they like the ship very much – but they book us because of the destination.

“Today we are a hybrid product. Could we one day sell land? I think that’s highly conceivable.”

Sam Ballard

Sam Ballard is the publisher of CRUISE ADVISER and has been writing about the cruise industry for a number of years. His CV includes the likes of shipping magazine International Cruise & Ferry Review and the digital publication Cruise News. He can be contacted

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