Silversea: Travel to the remotest corners of the world in total luxury

An expedition cruise on Silversea is tailored to immerse you in some of the most secluded and beautiful destinations that you wouldn’t usually even dream of seeing – and always in the utmost comfort

An expedition cruise with Silversea is an experience like no other. These are trips that immerse travellers deep in a destination by giving them the tools they need to get right to the heart of a country’s history, culture and nature. With sailings to all seven of the world’s continents – from Antarctica to the American West Coast – there is a voyage to suit every explorer, regardless of where you want to go.

These are sailings that have been developed through a decade of experience, with Silversea’s expert team completing comprehensive scouting missions over years and years to make sure that they curate an expedition that will be like no other. Through that time and on-the-ground research, they have managed to unlock the secrets that these rarely touched destinations hold, such as on far away Pacific Islands, where warriors still follow local traditions and challenge all newcomers on the beach, or Unga Island off the coast of Alaska – where all that remains now is a ghost town.

Experiences are tailored for the curious, discerning traveller. This is achieved on multiple fronts – be it through guidance from experts from the Royal Geographical Society delivering lectures and leading expeditions to the sumptuous food that Silversea is renowned for serving.

In October, the company announced that it would be building its first purpose-built ship for the Galápagos. Silver Origin will be able to accommodate 100 guests and is set to redefine immersive travel – allowing passengers to see the islands’ famous wildlife that helped Charles Darwin establish the theory of evolution. From blue footed boobies to marine iguanas – it is like no other place on Earth. More details will be released soon.

The destinations offered are matched only by the clever itineraries that bring them all together. From the incredible Russian Far East to beautiful South America. There are even voyages that follow in the footsteps of famous explorers, such as a cruise through the fabled North East Passage. The route, which has only ever been completed by a handful of vessels, will travel from Alaska to Norway – across the icy crown of Europe and Asia – from August 10, 2019, a journey that will take 25 days to complete. Fares start at £31,050 per person.

Silversea is also offering an extensive programme in the Far East. From 13-day voyages between Guam and Kobe, Japan, with calls at active volcanoes and tranquil gardens; to 15-day tours of Indonesia that will visit little known islands such as Leti and Anano, where guests will discover the treasures that lie below the crystal clear waters.

There are also Wild Expeditions, a set of carefully curated experiences that allow guests the opportunity to get even deeper in a destination.

When it comes to expedition cruises, it would be remiss not to mention Antarctica. For many people, the frozen continent is a once-in-a-lifetime destination – top of the bucket list. There you can see vast colonies of penguins in their natural habitat, towering icebergs – and the opportunity to walk on the ice, an experience many can only dream of.

As Conrad Combrink, senior vice president of strategic development expeditions and experiences at Silversea, says: “The experiences that we have delivered to our guests were once considered untenable in a luxurious context. Yet we have transformed the industry to enable travellers to reach the world’s most beautiful and secluded destinations in utmost comfort. Our new Explorer’s Collection is the ultimate in Silversea expedition and I am excited to share these experiences with our guests.”

Silversea is a world leader in luxury travel. From an original mission of unlocking the world’s most authentic travel experiences, they have been delivering on that promise for a decade. The world is waiting to be discovered.

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