69% think zero emission cruise ships likely by 2050

69% think zero emission cruise ships likely by 2050

Latest survey by Mundy Cruising tackles sustainability

Zero emission cruise ships and a ban on cruising in Antarctica are among the predictions made by Mundy Cruising’s Cruise Expert Panel.

Of those asked from the group, which is formed of past passengers, 69 per cent believe that the development of zero emission cruise ships is either fairly likely or very likely by the year 2050 – 44 per cent believe that zero emission air travel will be around on the same timescale.

The group also recognised the fragility of habitats being vulnerable to climate change – with 70 per cent saying that they expect Antarctic cruises to be banned within 30 years.

“Although some of these predictions may seem fanciful, it is perhaps under-appreciated just how much the cruise industry is doing on sustainability,” said Edwina Lonsdale, Mundy Cruising managing director. “We are already seeing the roll-out of hybrid-powered ships by the likes of Hurtigruten and Ponant, along with cutting-edge technology to reduce emissions such as Ulstein’s X-Bow design, which has been embraced by Aurora Expeditions, Lindblad Expeditions and others. Here in the UK, we’ve also seen the recent announcement of a new cruise terminal at Southampton with shoreside power connectivity, allowing ships to ‘plug in’ while in port rather than running their engines. As for space travel, well, who knows? Given how well-travelled and adventurous our clients are, we’re not surprised that some of them are now eyeing the stars.”

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