A-Rosa launches new smartphone app

A-Rosa launches new smartphone app

The app is currently available for all guests sailing on A-Rosa Sena, ahead of a fleet-wide roll out for the 2023 season

A-Rosa River Cruises has launched a new smartphone app to provide guests with information on their cruise, both prior to departure and on board.

The app is currently being trialled for guests sailing on A-Rosa Sena, ahead of a fleet-wide roll out for the 2023 season.

It features all the relevant information for the ship’s onboard programme, including restaurant and bar opening times and spa and sauna details.

Guests can book excursions using the ‘My Trip’ section, as well as view the cruise itinerary and find out other facts about the ship and life on board.

All tables on A-Rosa Sena have QR codes that guests can scan to open up the extensive bar menu in the app, from which drinks can be ordered and brought directly to the table.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play and is available for both iOS and Android users.

Lucia Rowe, managing director of A-Rosa River Cruises said: “Many people use mobiles or tablets while on holiday and we appreciate how providing digital information is a great way to get information out to guests in an easily accessible format.

“We have been able to combine so many useful functions into one application and we look forward to rolling it out across the fleet for next year’s season.”

“Sustainability is one of our core business objectives and this new app is a key development for us. It allows us to significantly reduce the need for printed materials as all our day-to-day information can now be accessed digitally.”

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