Action on balcony falls

Action on balcony falls

ABTA and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are urging holidaymakers to avoid taking risks on hotel balconies, after new figures showed ABTA members reported 12 balcony accidents in 2017.

There was one British fatality reported, and 11 serious injuries after people fell or jumped from balconies while on holiday overseas.

However, the association believes the real number of balcony falls is much higher, with nine accidents reported in the media over the past three months, five resulting in fatalities. Already this year, two falls have been reported to ABTA, with both people involved seriously injured, while two incidents have been reported in the media so far this month.

With the summer holiday season under way, ABTA says the latest incidents highlight the need for caution on balconies. Many accidents occur because of holidaymakers taking risks, such as climbing from one balcony to another or jumping into the pool from their balcony, and after drinking alcohol. Young people are particularly at risk, with seven of the nine accidents reported in the media involving teenagers or those in their 20s.

ABTA and the FCO have provided tips on using balconies safely, which are available online, and as a leaflet or poster. They have also been sent to ABTA Members to distribute to their suppliers overseas.

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