Advice guide: <br/>Tips for big commissions

Advice guide:
Tips for big commissions

What’s the most expensive cruise you’ve ever sold? We’re talking mega big. At least five figures – maybe even six. Suffice to say, few agents have the necessary skill to make those big money deals. Or is it all down to confidence?

We asked three high earning agents –  who have each earned those luxury commissions – to give us their top tips for how to get their too.

Take a look. It might not be as hard as you first thought. And let us know your own top tips for big commissions below.




James Cole, founder of Six Star Cruises

James Cole
James Cole

What’s the biggest cruise – as a total package – Six Star Cruises has ever sold? 

We have booked several ‘six figure’ cruises over the past few years. The biggest being £221,345 in value, a round the world cruise with a few bit added on.


How did you seal the deal? 

As with all of our bookings, we focus on getting to know the customer, building rapport and offering industry-leading levels of service; nothing is too much trouble. We offer our one point of contact, award winning Cruise Concierge service, which resonates well, especially with our guests.


What’s the one bit of advice you would give to other agents who want to emulate your success? 

Forget that you have ever sold Royal Caribbean, P&O etc, these customers are different and expect to be treated differently. The rest, as always, comes down to hard work, determination and employing exceptional staff.


Edwina Lonsdale, managing director of Mundy Cruising

Big Commissions: Edwina Lonsdale
Edwina Lonsdale


What’s the biggest cruise – as a total package – Mundy has ever sold? 

That would be a full world cruise in top grade accommodation at £250,000.


How did you seal the deal? 

It didn’t come out of the blue of course – it was a long-term client with whom we had built a relationship of trust and respect over a number of years.  They took our advice because we knew their tastes and preferences inside out.


What’s the one bit of advice you would give to other agents who want to emulate your success? 

At this level, it’s not (all) about the deal, but about high levels of recognition and attention.  It is not unreasonable for a client spending this amount to expect you to act effectively as a PA, making reservations on board the ship and ashore, creating bespoke shore programmes, recommending restaurants and other opportunities, and throwing in some really special treats to surprise and delight.


Scott Anderson, general manager of The Luxury Cruise Company

Big Commissions: Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson

What’s the biggest cruise – as a total package – the Luxury Cruise Company has ever sold?

The biggest booking we have sold as a package is a 62-day fly cruise totalling £35,000.


How did you seal the deal?

There was a lot of back and forth as you would expect in a large booking , but by showing flexibly, using our knowledge for post cruise suggestions/land tour add-ons (and being patient!) we managed to secure the deal and at a good margin too.


What’s the one bit of advice you would give to other agents who’d want to emulate your success?

Think outside the box for cruise extensions rather than just a 2-night stay in a hotel. Suggest other things for your clients to do/see and explore in the area and beyond, and don’t be afraid to suggest flights upgrades too.

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