Ambassador operates first cruise with marine conservation charity 

Ambassador operates first cruise with marine conservation charity 

Guests can learn more about marine wildlife and how to help protect the oceans

Ambassador Cruise Line has completed the first cruise as part of its partnership with marine conservation charity ORCA. In June ORCA team members sailed alongside guests, assisting them with wildlife spotting and highlighting the threats facing the marine environment. 

The partnership includes the launch of what Ambassador believes is the first cruise line anti-whaling campaign. As part of the initiative ORCA will place two ocean conservationists onboard Ambience in 2022 and 2023, on 11 sailings. 

Two of the cruises will be Ambassador’s multi-generational cruises in summer 2022. ORCA will work with families to teach them about the marine environment and involve them in conservation projects on the ship.

During the first sailing in June the team recorded four different species, including a flurry of humpback whales near Iceland. The ORCA team were able to give guests insight into the reasons behind the anti-whaling policy and help them better understand the role tourism can have in helping to protect marine life for future generations.

As part of its pledge with ORCA, Ambassador will highlight that it is opposed to all commercial whaling and is urging the Faroese Government to end the Faroes annual dolphin hunt. 

Ambassador will also review all proposed destination experiences in Iceland, Greenland, Norway and the Faroes, removing any that incorporate any form of whaling or offer the option to consume whale and dolphin products. It will also avoid any experiences that involve captive marine mammals. 

ORCA chief executive Sally Hamilton attended the first sailing on Ambience and said: “We are collaborating in a multitude of ways, from training the team at Ambassador Cruise Line’s head office, working on their first ship, and helping this new company make ethical and positive choices. 

“The first sailing showcased the potential to reach thousands of people as part of the mission to help protect whales and dolphins and we look forward to many more educational cruises together”.

Ambassador’s CEO Christian Verhounig said: “Our partnership brings together incredible experiences and insights for guests along with credible research work to the benefit of marine conservation.”

As part of the partnership, ORCA will have a permanent presence on Ambience with a dedicated enrichment area offering activities about whales and dolphins. Guests will be able to look at models of the creatures and replica bones and learn more about ORCA.

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