Aurora Expeditions is certified carbon neutral

Aurora Expeditions is certified carbon neutral

Key milestone for adventure cruise company

Aurora Expeditions has been certified 100 per cent carbon neutral in a key milestone for the Australian adventure cruise company.

The milestone is the latest step in Aurora’s long-term drive to protect the planet.

“For more than 30 years, Aurora Expeditions has been deeply committed to responsible and respectful travel,” said Aurora CEO Monique Ponfoort.

She added: “As one of the world’s leading polar expedition operators, we are always seeking ways to innovate, educate and create a positive impact for our planet, and we will continue our active sustained efforts to help preserve the beauty and majesty that Mother Nature possesses.”

The South Pole Climate Neutral Company certification has been achieved by a combination of sustainability initiatives across the company’s business operations.

Aurora calculates all greenhouse gas emissions every year, and then compensates for these by purchasing carbon credits from climate action projects.

The company supports two climate action projects, including Mount Sandy Conservation, a biodiversity conservation project in Australia; and InfraVest Tongyuan Wind Farm, a renewable energy project in Taiwan.

Ponfoort adds that Aurora is keen to do more for the planet by creating a sustainable food programme; championing women in conservation; and enriching the guest experience through onboard lectures and science programmes.

She adds: “We plan to accelerate meaningful changes in our active care programmes that will make a lasting difference for our people, our expeditions and importantly the future of our planet.”

Aurora’s newest ship, the Sylvia Earle, has decks named after female conservationists. Each deck features a gallery experience honouring these women and their environmental causes.



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