Aurora Expeditions orders second new vessel

Aurora Expeditions orders second new vessel

Aurora Expeditions has announced that it will be building a second x-bow vessel, due to launch in Autumn 2021.

The ship, which will be the sister of the Greg Mortimer, will feature the new bow that allows for gentler sea crossings and reduced emissions.

Robert Halfpenny, Managing Director of Aurora Expeditions, said: “Sales for our polar voyages have been phenomenal; with a virtually sold out upcoming Antarctic 2019/20 season. In excess of 60% of the inventory has already been sold for Antarctica 2020/21 and with the second ship, we are now able to ensure that the demand for places is met without causing disappointment to those who have not been able to join us during Greg Mortimer’ sinaugural season.”

The ship will launch in Ushuaia before beginning the 2021/22 Antarctic season.

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