Azamara expands destination offering

Azamara expands destination offering

Azamara Club Cruises has expanded its shore excursion offering, added new country-specific cruises, and revealed more immersive itineraries.

The company announced that its new tagline would be ‘Stay Longer, Experience More’.

There will be 13 new shore excursion groupings that will run across the company’s itineraries under the umbrella Cruise Global, Connect Local. These include Cruise Global, Taste Local; Cruise Global, Eco Local; and Cruise Global, Golf Local. The enhanced shore excursions will include more immersive experiences.

Cruise Global, Stay Local will give guests an opportunity to spend the night off the ship. One example will be camping in the desert in a Bedouin tent.

Azamara will be running events for travel agents every month to give the trade a taste of the new shore excursions. An example will be Cruise Global, Eco Local in Kew Gardens.

Azamara said the changes were an evolution of its destination immersion ethos, with the number of shore excursions going from 500 to 1,200.

The country specific cruises, to start in 2018, will include itineraries dedicated to countries such as Japan, Norway and Costa Rica.

“Within this evolved positioning, there are two powerful guest deliverables,” Larry Pimentel, president and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises said. “The first is we’re shifting from enabling our guests to immerse themselves in the destination, to delivering over one thousand new and existing destination experiences for guests to select from in more than 70 countries.”




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