BBC to launch new channel for cruise industry

BBC to launch new channel for cruise industry

BBC Worldwide has announced that it is to launch BBC HD, a new channel exclusively for the cruise industry.

It will debut exclusively on P&O Cruises and Cunard, before being rolled out across other cruise lines.

The channel will air programmes just two days after they are first shown in the UK, including soap operas such as EastEnders and Holby City, meaning passengers will no longer have to miss out on their favourite shows.

BBC HD will also play dramas including Luther and the Honourable Woman and natural history programmes such as Planet Earth II.

Zina Neophytou, vice president of out of home at BBC Worldwide explained that the company would play content at any time of day to solve the problem of timezones. It would play warnings before programmes.

“There ha always been a strong demand for BBC content within the travel and hospitality sector including cruise ships so launching a bespoke global entertainment channel on MTN TV alongside BBC World News is an obvious step. BBC HD will be a the one-stop shop for the best of British TV content.”

Jon Farrar, the senior vice president of global programming and acquisitions added: “With ever more ambitious programming television has overtaken cinema. In the global market no one has better range than the BBC.”

“As audiences journey on the trip of a lifetime to all four corners of the globe, they still don’t want to miss out on the grey drizzle of Albert Square. Now they don’t have to.”

Graham Douglas, media and communications manager at Carnival UK, said: “We are very proud that BBC HD can be watched by our crew and guests in all four corners of the globe. This is a success story and we want to build on that success.”

Photo caption: Travis Peterson (VP Product Global Eagle Entertainment) Zina Neophytou (VP Out of Home BBC Worldwide) and Graham Douglas (Media & Communications Manager Carnival UK)

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