Become an NCL expert and receive cruise discounts!

Become an NCL expert and receive cruise discounts!

Enrol yourself at NCL University today! Sail through our syllabus and earn cruise discounts on course to
getting your Degrees!

If you haven’t already heard about it, NCL created Norwegian Cruise Line University, or NCLU, just for
you, our travel partners. This easy-to-use platform was devised with travel professionals in mind &
designed to help you learn more about NCL and in turn spark knowledge and passion to confidently sell
our cruises to your customers. And the more knowledge you have the easier it is to sell – and this can
only lead to more sales & more sails.

From the moment you log into NCLU with your BookNCL (seaweb) credentials, you will have access to
exciting and useful content and very importantly our Core Course, Electives and Graduate Courses. As
you work your way through these short courses, and answer multiple choice quiz questions on each
module, you will learn everything you need to know about NCL, information about each ship, the
destinations we sail to and the diverse experiences on offer on board. You’ll also be able to undertake
simple courses intended to help your own business with topics such as social medial, SEO (search engine
optimisation) and PR (public relations).

Our Core Course is broken into three sections, and provides a comprehensive introduction to Norwegian
Cruise Line, including the “NCL Difference”. Meanwhile, our Electives cover a range of topics, providing you with details on our fleet of ships, the destinations we sail to, and effective tactics on how to sell to different types of customers. Ready to take your career to the next level? Our Graduate Courses will help you power up your selling efforts with our helpful tools, tips and resources.

As you progress through these courses, increasing your understanding of NCL’s unique cruising experience, you will gain access to a range of benefits which include certificates, email signature icons and importantly discounts on sailings. Reduced cruise rates are available to all NCLU students at the Associate Degree level or higher. Increase the discount you receive by taking more courses and earning higher NCLU Degrees. Discounts are available on Fleetwide Sailings: Associate Degree = 15 %, Bachelor’s Degree = 20 %, Master’s Degree = 25 %, Ph.D. Degree = 30 %. And that’s not all – for a limited time only,Masters and Ph.D. students get 50% off on select sailings!

To further support you, we also have additional resources, including our dedicated Business Development
Team & Partnership Relations Team across the UK and Ireland who are on hand to answer any queries
you may have, conduct virtual and in-store training and provide regular product updates. Also access
Norwegian Central – where you can make and amend bookings, access marketing materials like guides,
videos and toolkits and access further information. Don’t forget about our Partners First Facebook group,
the place to be to hear about news and exclusive offers. You will definitely want to be part of it.

Thank you for embarking on this exciting excursion with us. Feel Free to explore.


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