Brexit must not harm cruise, warns Dingle

Brexit must not harm cruise, warns Dingle

David Dingle, chairman of Carnival UK, used his keynote speech at a Clia event as part of International Shipping Week to underline the importance of protecting the cruise industry from the effects of Brexit, saying a failure to do so would limit the UK’s attractiveness in the eyes of tourists.

During his speech, at the Naval & Military Club in London, Dingle said: “We need the government to recognise both our needs and our opportunities as Brexit approaches. Crucially we must not allow any excessive zeal in limiting entry into this country to affect the smooth processing of cruise customers arriving in and departing from our ports.”

He added: “Like all other forms of inbound and outbound tourism, air links are essential, so we ask for no interference in air operating rules as Brexit takes effect.”

He also made a made a case for the industry’s environmental credentials, saying that the cruise industry had taken a “leadership role” in reducing its environmental footprint.

“The cruise industry fully and actively recognises its responsibility, and I believe that media comments which highlight the air impact of cruise ships above all other ships and forms of land transport at unfair.

The Carnival executive went on to highlight that state of the industry, including that the sector now contributes $125 billion to the global economy. In the UK the cruise industry contributes £3 billion, while the total benefit is £7.5 billion. Overall 74,000 British jobs depend on cruise and for every £1 spent on a cruise, £3.50 is contributed to the British economy.

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