Carnival’s August comeback an ‘insightful mistake’

Carnival’s August comeback an ‘insightful mistake’

Arnold Donald says statement was misinterpreted

The president of Carnival Corp has said that the release detailing the return of Carnival Cruise Line in August was an “insightful mistake”.

In an interview with Cruise Critic, Arnold Donald said that the announcement in May that Carnival Cruise Line would be resuming sailing in August was meant to detail further cancellations. However, it was misinterpreted by media and passengers.

“It wasn’t a pronouncement that we were going to come back August 1,” he said. “We’re waiting to see how things evolve and develop.”

However, Donald added, the move proved insightful because bookings went “through the roof”.

“They just jumped at that point, showing the pent-up demand there is. … Starting out, it’s unlikely that we’re going to have a demand challenge whenever we do start sailing again, whether it’s August 1, prior to that or later.”

Donald added that destinations would be the ones to decide when cruise lines began operating again.

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