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Cruise Adviser – April 2020

The latest news, comment and analysis amid the coronavirus pandemic – plus a celebration of this wonderful industry.

With a number of cruise ships caught up in the Covid-19 pandemic, whether through staff and guests catching the virus while on board, or vessels facing logistical nightmares getting guests back on land as ports deny them entry, the industry has become a very visible representation of the pandemic. Rebuilding consumer confidence in our industry is not going to be easy – but together we can do it and make sure cruise returns stronger than ever. To make sure that happens, we need to be shouting from the rooftops about why this is the most fantastic kind of holiday. In this issue, therefore, you’ll find a news section dedicated to stories covering the changing landscape of travel, including a comprehensive list of cancellations and suspensions, but we also want to encourage you to celebrate cruise holidays, which is why we’ve kept many of the original features planned for this edition, from Mekong river cruises to the midnight sun in Norway and Jane Archer’s How to Sell column, this time on luxury travel. It’s a strange time, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful industry, its people and its opportunities. We believe it is crucial during these troubling times to remember what it means to travel and why we do it. We hope you find this issue useful but also uplifting – take care and we will see you all again soon. Click here to read the issue in full and sign up to our new weekly email here.