CLIA announces virtual training sessions

CLIA announces virtual training sessions

The three webinars will be hosted by Andy Harmer in November and are aimed at agents who are new to selling cruise

CLIA has announced three virtual training sessions for travel agents who are new to selling cruise.

They will be held in November and will be hosted by Andy Harmer, CLIA UK & Ireland managing director, with support from experts across the industry. They are free of charge and will take under 30 minutes to complete.

Why Sell Cruise? will be held on November 10; Getting Started on November 17; and The Power of Switch Selling on November 24.

Andy Harmer said: “We fully appreciate the industry is welcoming a number of new travel agents who may be selling cruise for the first time, and want to offer them the support and resources that will allow them to seize the opportunities available.

“Our November training sessions are a valuable part of this programme, and we would encourage everyone from across the trade who wants to sell cruises for the first time, or wants to sell more, to join us. We are committed to helping them however we can.”

Agents can register for the webinars at

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