Cruise Nation recruits Miss Wales

Cruise Nation recruits Miss Wales

Cruise Nation, the Swansea-based agency, has hired Miss Wales, Ffion Moyles, as its official brand ambassador.

Moyles revealed the new uniforms, designed by Port Talbot firm First Corporate, for the company’s 50-strong sales team.

She said: “The uniform is a great vibrant colour, comfortable and the one piece dress and jacket is a lovely tailored fit – the staff are so lucky to be wearing this daily as it’s so elegant and reminds me of being dressed at Miss World in Washington this year.”

Phil Evans, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cruise Nation, said: “First Corporate are a great company in Port Talbot who are very passionate about making and producing everything in the UK.
“The manufacturing industry in Wales has taken a few knocks the over the last few years due to rising costs rises and not being able to compete with overseas competition.

“We have 50 full time workers and looking to employ a further 30 people over the next 12-18 months so this concept is perfect timing for us and having this year’s Miss Wales winner Ffion Moyles as our official brand ambassador is fantastic.

“The uniform will be perfect for our team in readiness for when we launch our new state of the art TV studio and walk-in retail centre for the public this summer”.

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