Cruise Nation’s Expansion into TV

Cruise Nation’s Expansion into TV

The UK’s love of overseas holidays is ever apparent and more travellers are turning to the cruise industry as their holiday of choice – whether as first-time or regular cruisers.

With the cruise industry remaining strong, Cruise Nation is continuing its ongoing expansion in response to strong customer demand.

The cruise industry is seeing record numbers, with a record 1.9 million British and Irish travellers taking an ocean cruise last year. As such, a host of new ships, routes and itineraries are being launched over the coming months.

A record number of passengers are also opting to sail with ultra-luxury cruises, proving the strength of the industry.

Cruising offers a number of advantages over a traditional holiday; by avoiding the queues and hassle of having to travel through airports guests can visit several destinations in their very own floating hotel.

As demand for cruises increases Cruise Nation is looking to its own expansion and investing more in its staff and services – with many exciting plans in the pipeline.

This summer will see the launch of Cruise Nation’s television studio, which will be used to create online content to help promote cruise holidays. We will be working closely with the local television industry to target a global audience.

When I set up the company just under eight years ago, we only started off with four members of staff. Now we have over 50 full time workers at our Global HQ in Swansea and are looking to employ a further 30 people over the next 12-18 months.

In the past year alone we have taken on more than 10 new hires and, as a result, have moved to a large office space. A key focus for us is also our homeworking division, where staff will be offered flexible hours and will work closely alongside our existing staff to generate sales in their local areas.

We’ve expanded rapidly to meet the huge customer demand and are looking forward to welcoming more new team members, homeworkers and partners as we move into 2017.

I have had the dream of building a unique travel company from as far back as I can remember and today I’m proud to be fulfilling that dream; Cruise Nation is now one of the most competitive cruise sales companies in the UK.

Phil Evans is the managing director of Cruise Nation

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