Cruise numbers back to 2019 levels

Cruise numbers back to 2019 levels

Latest CLIA statistics reveal bounceback

New figures revealed by CLIA UK & Ireland show that about UK and Irish holidaymakers took about 1.7 million holidays last year.

The numbers are close to 2019 levels and a huge increase on the 479,000 cruises took in 2021.

The Mediterranean was the number one destination for British and Irish guests, with 38.4% of cruises sailing in the region. The second most popular destination was Northern Europe, with 29% of cruises sailing there; and 10.6% sailing to the Caribbean.

Other interesting finding include:

* Globally, over a quarter (27%) of those who sailed for two or more nights in the last 12 months travelled in a party consisting of three or more generations, a sign that cruise holidays offer a great experience for all ages.

* The average age of UK & Ireland cruise guests last year was 55.8 years, as cruising continues to diversify and attract holidaymakers of all ages.

* The average length of a cruise by British or Irish holidaymakers in 2022 was 9.7 days (down slightly on 2019).
* Intent to cruise is stronger than ever. 85% of cruise passengers from the UK say they intend to take a holiday at sea again (a 6% increase from 2019), and 60% will do so in the next two years (up from 53% in 2022).
* 70% of those who have never cruised before would consider a cruise in the next few years (up from 68% in March 2022), showing more people are open to trying a cruise than ever before.
Ben Bouldin, chairman, CLIA UK & Ireland, said: “Cruise lines are always challenging themselves to innovate and diversify, and constantly reinventing the cruise experience. This forward-looking approach is at the heart of the cruise industry’s success and is also why we are committed to sustainability. This is a flagship industry for the UK, and these latest figures show that we will continue to contribute to the economy and jobs.”
Andy Harmer, managing director, CLIA UK & Ireland, said: “Cruise holidays have once again captured the imagination of the British public. A holiday at sea offers something for everyone, from action-packed experiences and visiting new cultures, to onboard entertainment, and relaxation.  And the word is out as we are seeing more people than ever interested to try out a cruise for the first time.”

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