Crystal Cruises to ban plastic straws


Crystal Cruises has announced that it is to ban plastic straws across its fleet as of tomorrow, World Oceans Day.

Paper straws will be available across the company’s ocean, river and yachts. The announcement was made at the luxury line’s 28th annual Sales Gala.

“Crystal has always recognised that the world we travel is precious and deserving of our utmost care, and that all measures contributing to the preservation of our marine environments can make a significant impact,” said Crystal’s president and CEO, Tom Wolber. “This initiative, as well as the others under our Crystal Cares programme, ensure that we are continuing our focus of caring for our world in meaningful ways.”

The company is moving towards eliminating all single-use plastics on board and has used a water filtration system in its dining venues for the last six years. Plastic bottles are still used in staterooms.

Sam Ballard

Sam Ballard is the publisher of CRUISE ADVISER and has been writing about the cruise industry for a number of years. His CV includes the likes of shipping magazine International Cruise & Ferry Review and the digital publication Cruise News. He can be contacted

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