East Greenland: capture the essence of the Arctic with Poseidon Expeditions

East Greenland: capture the essence of the Arctic with Poseidon Expeditions

East Greenland is the ultimate destination for sophisticated travellers seeking an adventure to the remotest places, and photographers looking to take the most unusual pictures

Long, narrow channels strewn with cathedral-like icebergs and flanked by sheer rock walls reach deep into the glaciated heart of Greenland. The rugged landscapes are virtually uninhabited, except for tiny traditional villages and endearing wildlife: shy musk oxen, nimble Arctic hares, and majestic whales out at sea.

The two East Greenland voyages by Poseidon Expeditions scheduled for 2020 take place in September – the prime season for viewing the mesmerising northern lights. Those who think they have seen it all will appreciate the huge expanses of untouched wilderness that can only be found far off the beaten track.

Through the viewfinder

If your clients are keen photography enthusiasts, this is the perfect cruise to suggest for their next polar adventure. With its uncompromisingly beautiful scenery, towering mountains and colourful Arctic tundra – there is definitely no shortage of subject matter to capture in East Greenland.

The expedition team always includes a professional photographer who is on hand to give expert advice, including onboard lectures and guidance on shore, to help passengers make the most of every situation.

And here are some tips for correctly packing your photography equipment for an Arctic cruise:

  • The cold temperatures of the polar regions can make shooting with batteries difficult. Additional batteries that can be quickly swapped out are a must.
  • It is likely that at some point of the voyage snow, rain or sea spray will wet the equipment. The camera bag has to be waterproof.
  • It is worth bringing two camera bodies with different lenses on them. One should be a wide-angle lens to capture landscape shots, and the other a telephoto lens of up to 600mm for taking pictures of wildlife.
  • A polarising filter will help cut out glare and reflections from bright sunlight, and an ND-filter is great for long exposure photographs.

Voyage aboard small luxury expedition ship M/V Sea Spirit

If living the adventure of travel to Greenland itself is not enough, your clients will get to enjoy stellar accommodations on board Poseidon Expeditions’ M/V Sea Spirit. The ship is just the right size to manoeuvre into the protected channels of the Scoresby Sund fjord system, embracing the expedition part of
the voyage.

What sets M/V Sea Spirit apart is
a generous measure of onboard comfort not usually found on a ship of its size. Travellers are sure to be impressed with spacious suites, thoughtful amenities and fine cuisine. The open decks provide an ideal platform for admiring the sparkling night sky, mirror-calm waters, snowy mountains and luminous icebergs.

The ship’s fleet is complete with Zodiac landing crafts to shuttle guests ashore on rocky beaches or cruise among tidewater glaciers in the secluded bays. Day-to-day activities include excursions and landings, hiking suitable for all levels of fitness, and onboard educational enrichment.

Sea Kayak Club

Poseidon’s optional sea kayaking is conducted in the East Greenland portion of the voyage. For a more immersive way to discover the Arctic, a chance to paddle with whales in maze-like fjords among enormous icebergs, and a humbling view of mountain vistas, sea kayaking is the perfect addition to the cruise programme.

Human endeavour

The cruise starts and finishes in Reykjavík, Iceland. In the ruggedly beautiful Westfjords, passengers visit the historic fishing port of Ísafjörður. This small town embodies Iceland’s trademark blend of rich cultural heritage and contemporary charm.

Throughout the region, there are visits to ancient Thule archaeological sites and historical trappers’ huts. At the modern Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit, there is a chance to visit a museum and witness the antics of Greenlandic sled dogs.

Early booking discount

In 2020, Poseidon Expeditions will offer two voyages to East Greenland from September 6-16 and September 15-25. Your clients can still book a spot with the best price – an early booking discount of up to 15 per cent is valid until October 31, 2019.

Encourage your clients to take their best shot – with or without a camera – on this unforgettable cruise aboard a luxury expedition ship.

For further information, please email sales@poseidonexpeditions.com, call on 020 3808 7787, or check out poseidonexpeditions.com

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