Fred. Olsen’s top five destinations

Fred. Olsen’s top five destinations

The recent news that Fred. Olsen had reported an 80% revenue increase for December 2013 was welcome across the industry. But where does the line see the most success?

We spoke with the company’s itinerary planning manager Martin Lister to give Cruise Adviser an update on Fred. Olsen’s top five destinations as it currently stands. Some of the most popular destinations may surprise you…

See the full list below.


1. Norway

Fred. Olsen’s top five destinations: Norway
Norwegian Fjords

Fred. Olsen’s Norwegian Fjord cruises are like no other! Unlike larger cruise liners, which return to sea in between port calls, our ships cruise coastal routes between the islands and mainland of Norway to give more scenic and sheltered sailings.

These scenic routes, many of which are restricted to smaller ships, are as important as the port of calls themselves as they showcase the true beauty and magnificence of Norway.

Passing such amazing, unique landscapes such as the mountain with the mysterious hole, Torghatten; Norway’s best waterfall, Langfoss; and the mountain ‘bolt’, Kjeragbotn is just fantastic.



2. River cruises

Fred. Olsen’s top five destinations: Rivers
Rouen – on the Seine

Our smaller, more intimate ships are able to cruise along many of Europe and the world’s most picturesque rivers.

Our 929-guest ship Braemar is able to cruise the Loire river as far as Nantes, the Garonne to Bordeaux, the Seine – stopping in Rouen, the closest port to Paris – and the Guadalquivir to reach Seville.

This type of cruise has been so popular with our guests that we will look to do more itineraries like this for the 2015 cruise season.


3. Islands

Fred. Olsen’s top five destinations: Azores
The Azores

Island cruising is extremely popular with our guests. In particular we have seen our Azores cruises selling really well.

With only one direct flight to the Azores from the UK every week, cruising with Fred. Olsen really is the best way to discover this breathtaking destination.


4. Iceland

Fred. Olsen’s top five destinations: Iceland

Iceland has emerged as an up-and-coming tourist destination in the last couple of years and at Fred. Olsen guests can discover all that this fascinating location has to offer in just one cruise.

We visit the three accessible sides of the country: the west, north and east. In the west we visit Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, and from here guests can visit world-famous locations like the geothermal Blue Lagoon spa, where the water is a mineral enriched turquoise blue warmed by the heat from Iceland’s volcanic earth, or the spectacular and vastly dramatic waterfalls and geysers.

After we depart Reykjavik, we scenic cruise the western fjords, past Latrabjarg – a sea cliff that is of major importance to millions of birds – and the unique land formations at Hornbjarg and Drangaskord.

On the north coast, we visit Akureyri, where the highlight is whale watching tours from Husavik Bay – different species of whales and dolphins can be spotted, mainly humpback and minke and finally in the east, we visit a small town of Eskifjordur, a remote location where guests can experience Icelandic traditional living.



5. Adriatic

Fred. Olsen’s top five destinations: Istanbul
Istanbul is part of the company’s Adriatic itineraries

For 2014 we have two Adriatic cruises that have been met with huge popularity.

With overnight stays in top-rated ports such as Venice, Istanbul and Piraeus – for Athens – these cruises perfectly combine culture, history and relaxation.

Our Adriatic cruises are carefully put together as to offer the most varied experiences – adventure, exploration and sunshine and guests can really feel the benefits of cruising on board our smaller ships as we take them right to the heart of the destination.


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