Government advises elderly avoid cruise ships

Government advises elderly avoid cruise ships

The British government has advised British nationals aged 70 and over and those with pre-existing health conditions to avoid travelling on cruise ships “at this time”.

The advice follows the outbreak of coronavirus.

In a statement the Foreign & Commonwealth Office said: “If you are aged 70 and over, or if you have underlying health conditions, an outbreak on board could put you at a higher risk of severe disease. This could lead to hospitalisation in another country, and potential disruption to medical care for any underlying conditions.”

The statement defined pre-existing conditions as including, but not being limited to:

  • chronic respiratory disease, including asthma
  • chronic heart disease
  • chronic renal disease
  • chronic liver disease
  • chronic neurological disease
  • diabetes requiring insulin or oral hypoglycaemic drugs
  • weakened immune system due to drug treatment or disease
  • current or recent chemotherapy

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