Government launches online passport renewal service

Government launches online passport renewal service

The Passport Office has launched an online renewal service in a bid to improve customer service.

The move, which follows a pilot scheme, means that most adults can now renew their passport online.

“This latest offering is a key part of the Home Office’s drive to transform the way we deliver our services through digitisation,” said Robert Goodwill, the immigration minister. “It is designed to improve efficiency and convenience by providing a modern and secure service to millions of passport holders and applicants.”

During the pilot scheme 240,000 people used the service. About six million passports are renewed every year.

Those applying for a passport will now be able to upload a photo from a smart phone or tablet, meaning that the times taken to apply for a new passport will reduce to just 10 minutes.

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be directed to the service when they choose to apply online:
· Age 26 or over residing in the UK;
· Do not hold dual nationality;
· Are in possession of their current passport (not damaged, lost or stolen);
· Will not be making any changes to their name; and
· The passport being renewed expired after 2012.

This online service will gradually become available to all passport customers.

To renew a passport, customers must use the following link.

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