Janet Parton column: Something different for a new decade

Janet Parton column: Something different for a new decade

When most people initially think of cruise ports and destinations, it’s likely to be the far-flung waters of the Caribbean or the iconic cities and islands of the Mediterranean, that first come to mind. However, the world is now more easily accessible than ever, and customers continually want to see and experience something different. They may also want ports of call that are less crowded and lesser known. Cruise lines plan their itineraries years in advance to ensure passengers are provided with a wealth of options, from brand new destinations to a refreshing twist on the classics. Here’s a taste of something different for 2020:

Tokyo, Japan

Fast becoming a global sports hub, Japan will follow up the hosting of the 2019 Rugby World Cup with the 2020 Olympics. It is a destination that is now firmly on the customers’ mind. During 2020, there are several cruise lines that will have departures from Tokyo including Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. This gives customers a great opportunity to experience the diverse sights of Japan and the Far East.

Cambodia and Vietnam

An evergreen destination for backpackers, Southeast Asia is an explorer’s treasure trove but it is also possible to uncover these ancient lands in modern luxury. Avalon Waterways offer two ships on the Mekong in 2020. Not only is this great for more experienced cruisers who have seen the sights of Europe, it is also fantastic for honeymooners or guests looking for an extension to a holiday in the Far East. 

Canadian Rockies, Canada and Alaska

The Canadian Rockies are home to vast forests and opaque lakes of emerald green, not to mention the towering glaciers of white ice and snow. Why not twin a Canadian Rockies tour with an Alaskan Cruise? Cosmos Tours have several itineraries available for 2020 with Holland America Line. 

Sir Bani Yas, United Arab Emirates

Just off the coast of Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas is packed full of the grandeur of the Middle East’s landscapes and wildlife. Dedicated as a nature preserve in the 1970s, the island revolves around outdoor adventure. Some of the cruise lines visiting Sir Bani Yas include MSC Cruises, Marella Cruises and Celebrity. 

Washington, DC 

2020 is election year in the US and now you can visit the capital on a cruise to take in the excitement and famous sights. Very few people would imagine they could visit Washington, DC via a cruise, but you can with American Cruise Lines. They are the first cruise line in over 60 years to dock in the city at The Wharf. 

Of course, there are many destinations which are off the beaten track, but Antarctica, the Galápagos, Iceland, Seychelles, the Ganges and even the Amazon are all readily accessible on a cruise. Cruise lines visit all seven continents, so why not have a look at what else there is to offer other than classic itineraries?

I challenge you to inspire your customers with somewhere different in 2020… happy selling! 

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