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Janet Parton column: Suite dreams are made of this

Janet Parton, director of sales at Cosmos and Avalon Waterways, shares her thoughts on the cruise industry. This month: suite class. 

As the move towards laid-back and effortless elegance continues to lead the luxury travel trend for the year ahead, guests can now enjoy “suite” dreams by night, and also by day, as staterooms and suites now work better for them. 

Cruise companies are now giving even greater thought and consideration to staterooms and suites, designing them with the guest’s user experience in mind.
Gone are the days when purely comfort, practicality or interior design ruled. Understanding travellers’ preferences help inform the luxury element, aesthetics and use of the room. These all impact the overall experience, maximising opportunities to interact with the waterways both in and outside of the guest room – considerations not to be ignored. As travellers enjoy greater luxury in their everyday lives, ensuring we meet or exceed room expectations as an industry is one of the ‘suite’ spots of successful cruising. 

Previous years have seen trends towards ‘smart’ cabins and maximising technological advances. Space maximisation and solo cabins have also made waves across industry forums. However, 2019 is the year of the ‘hotel feel’, not compromising on design, practicality or quality and playing to the cruise industry’s strength of a different view a day. 

According to a recent survey, 92 per cent of travellers said beds facing the view is “important” or “extremely important” when booking a river cruise. Much like city centre suites that have gone before, in traditional luxury hotels, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows are now available on the waterways, blurring the lines between the inside comforts of the ship and the exotic, enticing or authentic nature of the outside view. Interacting with the destination in
a different way.

Travel is all about inviting the outside into your eyeline and the travel experience into your heart. The on-land luxuries that guests experience in hotels can now be experienced on the water too, reigniting a love affair with cruising for the experienced cruiser and encouraging new guests alike.

This shines a spotlight on the importance of spaciousness while offering an exclusive view of the river. 

As a move towards creating a greater number of suites on the waterways takes hold, it is time that the choice is as wide as the views themselves. From marble bathrooms and beds facing the view, river cruising is keeping up with the best in on-land accommodation, helping guests fall in love with the waterways of the world, all over again. 

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