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Live the life of an explorer in total luxury on Crystal Endeavor

The incredible new expedition cruise vessel – complete with helicopters, a submersible and a Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant – launches in 2020 and is set to sail the infamous Northeast Passage

There are certain accomplishments in history that mark out the pioneering spirit of mankind. Whether it’s conquering Everest, landing on the Moon or crossing the Antarctic, these feats, which were once deemed impossible, have been made infinitely more conquerable by the actions of those before us. Their much-fabled journeys into the unknown have cleared the way for others to follow in their footsteps. It’s one of the reasons why holidays to remote corners of the world are so popular.

Crystal Cruises – long a pioneer in the luxury travel sector – is now preparing to enter the expedition travel arena with a ship that will set new standards in expedition travel, and help shine a light on corners of the world that only
a select few have ever seen.

Crystal Endeavor – named after Captain James Cook’s HMS Endeavour, upon which the explorer was said to have discovered Australia – will be Crystal Cruises’ first purpose-built expedition cruise ship. The vessel, which will launch in 2020 from Tokyo, will be able to carry just 200 guests – all of whom will stay in suites and have butler service. Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa will have one of the six dining options on board, while amenities include two helicopters and a submersible, allowing for exploration high above or deep below the ocean’s surface. Crystal’s passengers may be modern day explorers, but they certainly won’t be facing any of the hardships that those before them suffered.

The ship’s hull, which is Polar Class PC6, can handle the iciest of waters at certain times of the year. One of the most exciting outcomes of this has been the announcement that Crystal Endeavor will be sailing the infamous Northeast Passage in 2021. The opportunity to do so rarely, if ever, presents itself.

The expedition, which will take place from August 18 to September 15, will depart from the Russian port of Anadyr and head for Tromsø in Norway, travelling through the High Arctic – the area to the north of Russia that is virtually touching the top of the globe. There are calls at evocative sounding places such as Murmansk, the largest city in the Arctic; Uelen Village; and Arkhangelsk. Few human settlers call these places home – they are more the domain of polar bears, Arctic foxes and whales.

Some of the highlights of this once-in-a-lifetime journey include Wrangel Island, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and one of the last places on Earth where woolly mammoths roamed; Franz Josef Land, a former military outpost now home to a population of polar bears; and Severnaya Zemlya, an archipelago so remote it was only added to global maps in the 20th century.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for zodiac landings and navigation of ice floes. On board, expedition guides, scientists and destination experts will talk guests through the journey with engaging seminars focusing on the unique nature and history of the region.

“The Northeast Passage is precisely the type of bold expedition for which Crystal Endeavor is designed, with her PC6 designation and the ability to manoeuvre through medium first-year ice, offshore dynamic positioning, zodiacs and virtually all other gear necessary for such intrepid exploration,” said Tom Wolber, president & CEO of Crystal. “In addition to these technical amenities, she’ll accommodate guests in the highest standard of comfort and luxury, even as they travel to the most remote destinations.”

If you’ve got a customer who has seen and done it all. A customer who is constantly looking for the next thrill. Look no further than Crystal Endeavor – an expedition cruise ship like no other.

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Crystal-imageThe world’s largest and most spacious luxury expedition yacht, Crystal Endeavor, will boast a sleek design, built to PC6 polar class specifications, six dining options, a two-storey solarium, two helicopters and one submersible. It will explore the farthest reaches of Earth, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and far-away lands in between, including Japan, Taiwan and Russia. Guest capacity: 200; dining options: 6; tonnage (GT): 20,000


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