MSC Cruises to build two more new ships

MSC Cruises to build two more new ships

MSC Cruises today announced plans to build two more ships at the coin ceremony for MSC Meraviglia in Saint-Nazaire, France. 

The Meraviglia Plus class vessels will be able carry 6,300 passengers at full capacity and are due for delivery in November 2019 and April 2020.

The ships will be 16 metres longer, with an additional 200 cabins – 2,444 in total – compared with the Meraviglia ships.

The line also announced that the vessels will feature the first classic and contemporary fine art museum at sea.

Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises Executive Chairman said: “Our long-standing cooperation with STX-France and the continued growth of our business allows me today to confirm well-ahead of time the existing options for two additional ships.

“The two Meraviglia-Plus vessels will be even larger and longer as well as richer in features and amenities, thus confirming MSC Cruises as the industry’s boldest innovator when it comes to ship design and experiences we create for our guests.”

Minister Macron added: “Built here in Saint Nazaire like the rest of the MSC fleet of cruise ships, MSC Meraviglia will also be christened in France, proof of the strong ties between the MSC group and France.

“The order of two new Meraviglia class ships, to be delivered in 2019 and 2020, that we are celebrating today, is further proof of MSC’s loyalty to the Saint Nazaire shipyards and recognition of the excellence and savoir faire of STX’s staff and subcontractors.”

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