No one does the fjords like Fred Olsen

No one does the fjords like Fred Olsen

Five reasons to recommend a 2022 Norwegian cruise with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Whether its sailing through pristine fjords or venturing ashore to learn more about the communities that have called Norway’s remote villages and towns home for centuries, a Norwegian fjords cruise is the trip of a lifetime.

Balmoral in Olden, Norway

With Fred Olsen Cruise Lines your clients can rest assured that they are in the hands of experts. Here are five reasons why no one does Norway like Fred Olsen Cruise Lines.

  1. Fred Olsen knows Norway

There are few cruise lines who know Norway like Fred Olsen. The company may offer a very certain type of British cruise (from a range of regional ports, which we’ll come on to later) but the Olsen family’s roots are firmly in Norway. The fjords are a destination like no other – the vast valleys, verdant landscapes and some of the freshest air you will ever breathe.

  1. Right place, right time

You might have guests who want to travel to this marvellous part of the world, but when it comes to Norway, when you visit is as crucial as where. Fred Olsen Cruise Line’s newly launched 2022 cruises show off Norway in the Spring – when life returns to the fjords in full colour. It’s also the time when the waterfalls are at their strongest and the cruise line’s four smaller-sized ships can sail so close you can almost touch them.

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  1. Sailing the scenic route

This is crucial. Cruising the Norwegian fjords isn’t simply a case of rushing from port to port – the best part of the journey is arguably the bits in-between. There are few destinations in the world that boast such majesty on such a grand scale. Fred Olsen Cruise Line’s ships navigate places like Åkrafjord – a size-restricted fjord – where many of the bigger ships simply cannot go, meaning more time in those rarefied places.

  1. Plenty of time in destinations

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines is known for spending longer in the ports that matter. That will often manifest itself in overnight stays, like the one in Alta – to maximise guests’ chances of seeing the Northern Lights – or Tromsø, Norway’s Gateway to the Arctic, and a traditional starting off point for expeditions during the golden era of polar exploration. Guests can visit the incredible Arctic Cathedral to see one of the most unique churches in the world.

  1. Cruise from regional ports

 Fred Olsen Cruise Lines sails from more regional ports than any other cruise line in the UK. For guests in Edinburgh or Newcastle that means they can be in the Norwegian fjords the day after stepping on board. However, there are opportunities to see the world from ports all around the UK – meaning that with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines you’re never far from a world class holiday.

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