Ocean Medallion: agent review

Dylan David, cruise.co.uk, tries out Ocean Medallion, Princess Cruises’ new wearable technology. Does it live up to hype?

What were you expecting from Ocean Medallion? 
I knew I could open my cabin door, get off the ship and pay for drink. Other than this, I didn’t really know what to expect. Turns out this was only the beginning…

What did you like most about it? 
Imagine this – on the first night of my cruise, me, my wife and my two children went down to one of the main restaurants. A host, who I had never met before greeted me by name, escorted me straight through the restaurant to a table overlooking the sea. This took all of 30 seconds, I felt like a VIP. Ocean Medallion makes everything quicker, easier and seamless. 

What did your family like most about it? 
Lots of things. Tracking our kids 24/7 from our cabin, phone app or one of the interactive screens. We could always see where they were and locate. We also loved the ease of getting a drink … Anywhere! One evening we just sat in a jacuzzi, watching Movies Under the Stars, having drink after drink hand delivered. Finally keeping the kids occupied, from making their own Avatars, to playing games on the on the big screen, from our phones or whilst we waited for a lift. 

I underestimated just how easy this would make my whole onboard experience

Dylan David

Any surprises? 
I think I underestimated just how easy this would make my whole on board experience. With Ocean Medallion the embarkation is seamless. From arrival, to picking up the Medallions, to being sat around the pool. Maximum 20 minutes – this included queuing at security!  Also, while the technology is amazing, it is the staff that make the experience what it is. They almost pre-empt what you want, before you know you want it yourself. Before I finished a drink, someone was on hand asking if I wanted the same again, always delivered with a smile. 

Would you recommend it to friends / family / customers? 
Absolutely, I already have. Ocean will improve any age group experience. One size to fit all. 

Any top tips for selling Ocean Medallion to customers? 
For those customers out there, who think this is just a new version of the classic cruise key card, this is so much more. I would point out you can pay or unlock your room but, Ocean gives you something that adds great value to your holiday – time.

Every experience is quicker from muster, to embarking, to finding your way around, to finding your loved ones. The days of queuing are gone. As you can wear it on your wrist or neck, it is very easy to pay for anything on board. Everything is linked to an app, so from your phone you can book shore tours, find out what is on, see your bill, order a drink even gamble. What is more, Ocean will learn your personal preferences and deliver you a service that is tailored specifically to you.  

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