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Oceania: The Finest Cuisine at Sea just got even better

With the introduction of 800 new dishes, plus the most expansive vegan menu at sea, Oceania Cruises continues to lead the way in on board culinary experience

Already celebrated for serving the Finest Cuisine at Sea, Oceania Cruises continues to expand on its award-winning culinary offering with innovative new additions.

The world’s leading culinary and destination-focused cruise line has recently unveiled the most expansive and diverse dinner menu at sea, featuring an incredible spectrum of world flavours as well as an all-new Executive Chef’s Food & Wine Pairing. Guests will be treated to more than two dozen dishes each evening – six appetisers, three soups, four salads, nine main courses and nine side dishes. All in all, the selections add to up more than 800 dishes – and guests are free to choose as many, or as few, courses as they wish, along with side dishes and all accompaniments, which are ordered a la carte.

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Oceania Cruises has also expanded its acclaimed bistro lunch service across the brand’s six ships, introducing a new slate of menus with more than 600 new dishes. The Bistro offers the ultimate combination of lunchtime Grand Dining Room classics, now infused with Jacques Pépin’s hallmark specialities from France and around the world.

With Oceania Cruises, choice is everything – which is why it has also introduced the most expansive vegan menu at sea. Also available fleetwide, the dishes are in addition to the line’s already comprehensive selection of vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher meals. The vegan menus are featured in the Grand Dining Room at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including a total of more than 250 dishes including appetisers, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts. What’s more, on Marina and Riviera, Oceania Cruises has introduced the only cold-pressed raw juice and vegan smoothie bars at sea.

With 16 new enriching cooking classes at its innovative Culinary Center on board Marina and Riviera, Oceania Cruises gives guests the chance to delve deeper into the culinary history and culture of destinations across the world, with expert advice from experienced chefs and restaurateurs. Classes include Pucker Up, a celebration of the diversity and splendour of lemons in Mediterranean cooking; Brunch Comforts, featuring classic brunch dishes and entertaining tips; If it Swims; where guests master the basics of fish cookery, such as searing, baking, shallow-poaching, deep-poaching and curing; and Sicilian Kitchen, a celebration of pasta, fish and rice dishes from the home kitchens of its faculty and crew.


With all this, plus the exceptional speciality restaurants of Toscana, Jacques, Red Ginger and more, it’s no wonder Oceania Cruises continues to surprise and delight with its unbeatable culinary offering.

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