Our new concept </br> Club 30 by Cruise Nation

Our new concept
Club 30 by Cruise Nation

This year we’ve introduced a brand new concept to the Cruise Nation brand: Club 30. As the name suggests, the aim is to bring 30-somethings into the world of cruising and to spread the word that cruise holidays aren’t just for the ‘newlywed, overfed and nearly dead’. As a response to outdated cruise myths, this product packages up the very best cruises for younger people. On these trips, travellers can soak up the sun, party the night away and meet new friends – all while on board some truly amazing ships.

Working in the industry, it’s frustrating that the public still sees cruising as a holiday for older generations. This is no longer relevant because there are so many options available to travellers nowadays. Cruises can take you to the four corners of the world, offering exciting Alaskan adventures, South American odysseys and Caribbean voyages at incredibly affordable prices.

We hope that Club 30 can show a whole new generation of travellers that cruising can be affordable and fun, offering a genuinely attractive alternative to the traditional package holiday. For example, a week-long Mediterranean trip could see you visit multiple European destinations and experiencing different food, cultures and landscapes along the way; compare that to a traditional package where you’re tied to one destination for the whole week. I know which I’d prefer!

When it comes to truly exploring destinations, a cruise holiday is unrivalled. The huge range of itineraries available is one of the best things about a cruise. Unlike land-based holidays, you can wake up in a different city, country, or even continent, every morning without the hassle of packing your suitcases and checking out of your room.

Cruise Nation’s Club 30 offers our unique Smart Packages, where first-time cruisers can enjoy exclusive deals at unbeatable prices; with regional flight departures, free hotel stays, room upgrades and additional on board spend, time-consuming DIY holidays and lacklustre land-based package holidays can be firmly relegated to the past.

The Club 30 concept fits perfectly with the mind-set of the modern traveller. Obviously, value for money is key when booking a trip, but people also want to make the most of precious time off work and explore as much of the world as they can. Cruises offer the chance to explore multiple destinations without any of the hassle of organising a large itinerary. It’s also a great way to meet new people and take part in a variety of social activities – so you’ll come back with some really special memories and even some new friends.

Think you’ll be bored on a cruise? I’d be a very rich man if I’d made a bet with everyone who thought a cruise holiday would be dull, only for them to return to land and sing its praises! From Broadway shows, comedy clubs, boutique shopping, slides fit for a waterpark, on board ice skating, aqua theatres, casinos and cinemas, you’ll find something for everyone. And that’s before we even mention the land-based day trips where you could rock climb, scuba dive, or simply explore a new city.

Phil Evans is managing director of Cruise Nation

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