P&O: “The way we engage with the trade has changed”

P&O: “The way we engage with the trade has changed”

Firm announces Double Shine points for 2022 launch

P&O Cruises has changed the way it works with the trade in the wake of Covid-19.

During a trade media session yesterday, Alex Delamere-White, vice president sales & marketing, said that the new lockdown measures, due to come into force on Thursday, were an “unneeded distraction to agents who are doing a remarkable job under almost impossible circumstances”.

The cruise line has decreased its on-the-road sales team but increased the number of people working on the Shine Rewards Club, social media, webinars and trade communications. The account management team has remained largely unchanged. Delamere-White added that “none of that should be a reflection of the importance of the trade.”

He explained that the way the company engaged with the trade was changing and that there would be more ‘one-to-many’ forms of communication, such as online training sessions. The company’s Summer 2022 webinar currently has 500 sign-ups, five times the usual number.

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However, he added that the new 2022 programme, which has been revealed today could not be “more perfectly timed” with agents given the chance to earn double Shine points from November 9 through to November 22. Pre-registration for summer 2022 holidays starts today, with all holidays on sale from Wednesday November 11, 2020.

The campaign messaging would give agents “something to support and get behind, given everything they’ve been through and continue to go through as a result of Covid.”

Delamere-White confirmed that the 2022 programme had been brought forward as a result of demand P&O was seeing in the market and to give those customers holding future cruise credits a chance to book.

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