Port of Seattle to host agent event on Opening up Pacific Northwest

Port of Seattle to host agent event on Opening up Pacific Northwest

Event to be held with US Embassy

The Port of Seattle and the Embassy of the United States of America are to host a joint event on December 1 entitled Opening up America’s Pacific Northwest.

The event will be designed to inform travel agents and stakeholders about the increased safety and health protocols designed to keep international travellers safe. There will also be an exclusive preview and behind-the-scenes tour of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s new arrival facility, which is due to open in 2021. The new part of the airport will feature a scenic pedestrian walkway that will give arrivals a view of the nearby Mount Rainier as they move through the airport.

Speakers at the event will include Rosemary Gallant, U.S. Embassy London’s minister counsellor for commercial affairs; Steve Warner, president, Washington Wine; Lance Lyttle, managing director aviation, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport; Ron Peck, director of tourism development, Port of Seattle; David Blandford, executive director, Washington Tourism Alliance; and Roger Dow, president & CEO, U.S. Travel Association.

You can register for the event here by emailing: USEmbassyLondon@trade.gov

Speaking to Cruise Adviser, Ron Peck, said: “We’re very, very excited to be the launch folks with the embassy for an event that’s really focused on communicating to the travel trade, media, retailers and tour operators who are going to get back to selling the United States, and specifically the Pacific Northwest.

“We want to talk about what a great place it is to come visit. But just as importantly, that we as a destination, whether we’re in eastern Washington, Western Washington, or Seattle, are taking the right measures from a safety and health standpoint, so that people who are travelling internationally or domestically can feel comfortable coming. It’s a great opportunity for us because we are constructing a brand new international arrival facility that’s expanded. There’s a lot more baggage claim area, easier processing, more efficient processing in terms of getting those international visitors through customs and clearance, and ready to experience Washington state or take a cruise to Alaska.”

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