Queen Elizabeth visits Queen Mary in ‘retirement home’

Queen Elizabeth visits Queen Mary in ‘retirement home’

Yesterday, February 5, Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth ‘visited’ the line’s legendary retired ship, Queen Mary, in Long Beach, California.

The meeting was the first time a Cunard ship has gone alongside Queen Mary since she arrived at her retirement home in 1967. The fleet has saluted the ship in recent visits to the harbour but never pulled alongside.

Queen Mary will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the her maiden voyage in May 2016. The ship is now a floating hotel in Long Beach.

This meeting was marked with traditional whistle salutes between the ships before a firework display prior to the departure of Queen Elizabeth.

Angus Struthers, Cunard director, said: “Queen Mary is one of our most beloved ships and an integral part of our proud history and tradition and today’s meeting of the Queens will be especially memorable for our passengers and a highlight of the programme of special events we have planned for this, our 175th anniversary year”.

Queen Elizabeth is currently on her 112-night world voyage which departed Southampton on 10 January and will return there on 3 May, 2015.

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