Recipe: Chicken breast roulade courtesy of Tauck

Recipe: Chicken breast roulade courtesy of Tauck

Each month, we’ll be a providing you a recipe from one of our cruise line partners. This month, it’s the turn of Tauck with a chicken breast roulade.

160g chicken breast
50g spinach
30g shallot confit
110g chicken
50ml cream
10ml egg white
30g turnips (cut into 2cm sticks)
30g potato (cut into 2cm sticks)
20g carrot purée
10g microgreen shoots

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1. Using a rolling pin, flatten the chicken breast. Make sure you do not make any holes in the fillet while doing this.

2. For the farce (stuffing), mix the cream, egg whites and spinach and spread the mixture over one side of the flattened chicken breast.

3. Roll the chicken into a baton shape, ensuring the stuffing is inside the baton only. Wrap in plastic and foil and then steam.

4. After steaming, uncover and sautée until well cooked.

5. Steam carrots and blend with seasoning until puréed.

6. Cut potatoes and turnips into sticks and cook.

7. Serve chicken batons, turnips and potatoes standing up with carrot puree and micro green shoots.

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