Riviera Travel offers guests refillable filtration bottles

Riviera Travel offers guests refillable filtration bottles

The bottles make it safe to drink from taps, showers, streams or rivers anywhere in the world.

Riviera Travel has confirmed its collaboration with UK-based filtration company Water-to-Go, offering customers a refillable bottle that filters contaminants from any non-saltwater source. 

The Water-to-Go bottles filter out up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other harmful contaminants. Customers can use the bottle to safely drink from any tap, shower, wash-basin, stream or river wherever they are in the world. Riviera guests receive a 15% discount when purchasing a Riviera branded Water-to-Go bottle, which are available from £17.  

All profits from Riviera sales will be donated to a Toilet Twinning charity, which helps to bring education around safe and sanitary toilet facilities to families and communities across the globe.

The two sizes of filters purify 130 to 200 litres and can replace up to 400 single-use water bottles. The filters are 100% recyclable and detachable, meaning the bottle can be used on its own when filled with treated drinking water.

Riviera and Water-to-Go originally teamed up in late 2019, before the pandemic curtailed their activities.

Lucy Goodman from Riviera Travel said: “We’re pleased to continue our partnership with Water-to-Go, as the impressive technology behind their filters will ensure our guests have access to clean water, no matter where they travel to. As a result, we will significantly reduce the number of single-use plastics used on our holidays. Guests can stay topped up, while their environmental footprint goes down.”

Dave Shanks, Water-to-Go CEO, added: “Riviera’s core ethos is the same as ours, with the demand for responsible and sustainable practice running right through everything they do. Our refillable, reusable and recyclable bottles are ideal to stay hydrated, save money and significantly reduce the impact of single use plastic on the environment.”

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