On the road: Tom Morgan, Riviera Travel

On the road: Tom Morgan, Riviera Travel

We speak to the people who make your job easier. This month: Riviera Travel’s Tom Morgan

What does your job entail?
Mainly commercial meetings and visiting agents, I cover the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland so I also spend a lot of time travelling. On the rare occasion I am in the office then it is catching up on emails and planning my diary – time management is very important.

How long have you worked in the travel industry?
It’s been about two and a half years now. Before I joined Riviera, I used to work in sales and staff training in the fitness industry, there are a lot of similarities between the two industries – just a different product.

What’s the best thing about being on the road?
The best thing about being on the road is visiting new places as you never know quite what to expect, every day is different. Also, getting to meet lots of interesting people.

What’s the worst?
Constant packing and unpacking. I’ve stayed away a lot this year especially and packing is the one thing that I don’t enjoy.

Favourite place to visit?
Tough one as I like a lot of places for different reasons. I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced Sydney for new year, so that was a real favourite. I’ve also just got back from a fam trip to India and that was something very special.

What do you listen to in the car?
A real mix. When I’m working over a weekend it’s Radio 5 live for the sport, but usually 6 Music or Radio 2. (I know, I’m old before my time, I like real ale as well.)

Biggest myth? That we are a small, three-star operator

One thing you couldn’t live without on the road?
Snacks and water in the car. You always seem to get stuck in traffic when you are on the way home and have missed lunch.

Favourite thing about Riviera Travel?
Price parity with the trade and that we never discount. It means that agents don’t have to give away their commission and customers can book early knowing that no one will ever get a ‘deal’ later.

Biggest myth about Riviera?
That we are a small, three-star operator.

If agents want to find out more, what do they do?
Email agencysales@rivieratravel.co.uk or join our Facebook page, which is the first place for all our news. Just search Riviera Travel Agents and request to join.

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