Royal Caribbean adds platinum level to Club Royal

Royal Caribbean adds platinum level to Club Royal

Royal Caribbean International has added a new top level to its Club Royal travel agent loyalty programme. 

Platinum status is now available to travel agents who make more than 200 bookings in a year. The company has also made gold status easier to attain – requiring 75 bookings, rather than the previous £1,000 worth of Club Royal earnings.

There are now 18 platinum members and 178 gold members, up from 106 last year, the company revealed at the second anniversary of Club Royal.

Platinum members will enjoy a reward value that is 50% higher than gold members at all times, even during accelerated periods. They will also have four weeks of the year when they will be able to double their rewards. However, this offer is not available during already raised commission periods. Gold members are able to do so twice.

“If a Blue Club Royal member makes 75 bookings, they will become a Gold member for a year from that date,” Ben Bouldin, sales director of Royal Caribbean, said. “The same goes if they make 200 bookings for platinum. We will be moving based on the agent’s achievement from now on.”

The company also announced that its next travel trip, following South Africa, will be to Hong Kong.

It has also partnered with TIS to offer a dedicated service for Club Royal members. TIS will become Royal Caribbean’s “VIP travel agency for agents” Bouldin added.

“This new partnership is extremely relevant to our Club Royal Members. The rates that TIS offers mean that Club Royal members will be getting great deals – add to that the £100 Blue members will get off, the £300 Gold members get off and the £350 that Platinum members get off, it’s a no brainer.”

Read our full interview with Ben Bouldin here.


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