Royal Caribbean launches new agent platform

Royal Caribbean launches new agent platform

Royal Caribbean has launched its new travel agent platform, LEARN, which was originally announced at the fifth anniversary of Club Royal at Stapleford Park.

LEARN, which stands for Learn Everything About Royal Now, will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to evolve and change – offering different users a different experience when it comes to training.

The platform will offer content that will be specific for retail, call centres and home workers. Agents will also be able to see what’s popular with the rest of the travel agent community.

LEARN will be accessible through Club Royal and will also link through to Club Rewards. The line also revealed that Club Rewards events and earning accelerators will be unlocked by completing new modules.

Martin MacKinnon, sales director Royal Caribbean UK & Ireland said: “We’re aware how pressed for time our agent partners can be, so L.E.A.R.N. takes a micro approach to learning with each module no more than 5 minutes to complete. Our team will continue to work closely with our agent partners to derive new content off the back of research done with Travel Agent Panel groups in addition to research by our training team.”

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