Silver Explorer sails through the Northwest Passage

Silver Explorer sails through the Northwest Passage

Silversea‘s 132-guest Silver Explorer has completed the company’s first ever journey through the legendary Northwest Passage.

The 23-day voyage began in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland on 9 August and finished in Nome, Alaska on 1 September.

The luxury expedition specialist’s vessel covered a distance of nearly 3,500 nautical miles, following a route similar to Roald Amundsen’s pioneering voyage of 1903 to 1906.

Conrad Combrink, Silversea’s director of expedition planning and strategic development, said: “Sailing the Northwest Passage is an experience reserved for true adventurers and dedicated explorers.

“We are honoured to know that what was once an unfulfilled dream for such renowned explorers as Captain James Cook, Henry Hudson, and many others, is now a successful chapter in the history of Silversea Expeditions.”

Famous for its shallow channels and floating ice, the passage’s challenges persist even in the more accommodating summer months.

Silver Explorer, however, with its small size, shallow draft and ice-strengthened hull, was perfectly suited to the conditions.

Captain Alexander Golubev said: “It is a special privilege to sail through the world’s most elusive and historic waterways. Such a journey requires careful and meticulous planning at every stage.

“I am pleased that all our strategising and preparations resulted in success for Silversea’s first-ever Northwest Passage expedition, and I’m very grateful to be among a small group of mariners who have experienced such an extraordinary opportunity during their careers.”

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