Silversea opens pre-sale on its Controtempo World Cruise

Silversea opens pre-sale on its Controtempo World Cruise

The epic 136-day voyage will sail from Tokyo to New York in 2025, taking in off-the-beaten-track ports of call on the way

Silversea Cruises has opened an exclusive pre-sale on its groundbreaking Controtempo World Cruise for 2025, inviting guests to journey to 59 destinations in 30 countries across four continents.

The 136-day Controtempo World Cruise on the ultra-luxury Silver Dawn will depart from Tokyo for New York on January 13, 2025.

The cruise was unveiled to selected guests and travel partners during a virtual premiere, which featured a video starring Fernando Barroso de Oliveira – Silversea President’s Ambassador to the Venetian Society. Incorporating a soundtrack inspired by each region on the voyage, the video depicts Fernando walking through a sample of the voyage’s destinations, revealing the experiences that await guests.

“Feeding the incredibly high demand for extended voyages, our destination experts have designed our new Controtempo World Cruise 2025 to sail offbeat, enabling the world’s most experienced travellers to rediscover the world in a whole new light,” said Roberto Martinoli, president and CEO, Silversea Cruises.

“Controtempo, a musical term that means ‘off-tempo’, will take guests closer to the authentic heartbeat of iconic and off-the-beaten-path destinations. We will be travelling to an unusual rhythm, from East to West, with more time ashore in unconventional seasons. This is the invitation to gain a different perspective on the world, in true Silversea style.”

The Controtempo World Cruise 2025 incorporates 33 overnight calls, seven exclusive events, three optional overland programmes and 19 maiden calls. It will be divided into 10 segments: Tokyo to Hong Kong; Hong Kong to Singapore; Singapore to Mumbai; Mumbai to Istanbul; Istanbul to Naples; Naples to Lisbon; Lisbon to Southampton; Southampton to Stockholm; Stockholm to Reykjavík; Reykjavík to New York.


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