Silversea reveals restaurants on new ship Silver Nova

Silversea reveals restaurants on new ship Silver Nova

The options include a new design concept for the line and a number of changes to signature spaces

Silversea has unveiled eight signature restaurants for its new ship Silver Nova, which will launch next spring. The restaurants will feature several new elements, thanks to the ship’s asymmetrical design, which is a first for the ultra-luxury cruise line. 

The reveal comes alongside the news that since Silver Wind departed from Athens on May 28, the line’s entire 10-ship fleet has now re-entered service since pausing operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Roberto Martinoli, president and CEO, said he was “incredibly proud to see all of our ships now welcoming guests around the world.”

For those looking ahead to the launch of Silver Nova, the ship will offer a range of formal and informal dining options. Decks three, four, and five will accommodate indoor restaurants, while The Marquee on deck 10 will house her two outdoor dining options, Spaccanapoli and The Grill. 

The eight restaurants will include:

The Marquee (The Grill and Spaccanapoli), seating 220: Silver Nova’s asymmetrical design has enabled the introduction of The Marquee on deck 10. This new food and drink venue occupies 477m2 towards the ship’s aft, on the port side. The al fresco dining venue will incorporate The Grill and Spaccanapoli, two of Silversea’s signature venues. Located near to the swimming pool, The Marquee will welcome guests in a relaxed atmosphere, serving casual fare by day and offering dinner under the stars by night.

La Terrazza, seating 340: La Terrazza has the largest capacity of all the ship’s restaurants, and will offer indoor and outdoor spaces on deck four, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will feature floor-to-ceiling windows, a large terrace and a new layout and shape, thanks to the ship’s new design. 

Atlantide, seating 270: At 546m2, Atlantide will be the most spacious of Silver Nova’s restaurants, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner on deck three. It promises a new layout and design, with modern architectural details and materials, alongside a chandelier.


S.A.L.T. Kitchen, seating 160: Aboard Silver Nova this innovative Silversea venue will take on a new look and feel on deck three. The design includes plenty of natural light with high ceilings and large windows and culinary-inspired artwork. 

La Dame, seating 70: The 191m2 La Dame is Silversea’s signature French restaurant, with an elegant and formal atmosphere on deck four. 

Silver Note, seating 54: Inspired by jazz clubs of the 1920s, Silver Note serves dinner and cocktails, with feature lighting installations and a central stage with a piano for live performances. 

Kaiseki, seating 40: Broadening Silver Nova’s offering of international fare, the 86m2 Kaiseki will serve Asian cuisine in a minimalist, Japanese-inspired setting on deck four. 

Customers can also enjoy snacks and refreshments in the relaxed Arts Café, which has been relocated to the centre of the ship. 

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Learn more about the new restaurants on Silversea’s blog.

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