How to spot an ex-UK cruiser

How to spot an ex-UK cruiser

Cruises from the UK are big business for everyone. British cities make millions on the back of cruise calls, British passengers can depart without the hassle of airports and British travel agents can make money on extras like transfers and car parking.

So, great news. But what exactly are ex-UK passengers after?

In many ways a cruise from an ex-UK port is a difficult proposition. Fly cruises can go straight to the sun but an ex-UK departure is usually taken with different intentions.

We asked UK specialist operator Cruise & Maritime Voyages to give us their top three tips for spotting ex-UK passengers.


People fed up with air travel
Ex-UK Cruiser: Airport
Is this the best way to start your holiday?

Many people living in the UK are tired of the long check-in time and expense of flying with restricted luggage allowances.

CMV offer staggered check-in and disembarkation based on cabin numbers that is usually fast and hassle free. Furthermore, there are virtually no luggage restrictions.

It is a better way to start the holiday once you are on board, rather than the best part of a day lost in travelling by air.




Customers who want a convenient departure point
Ex-UK cruiser: Live by the sea?
Live by the sea?

Since CMV began offering alternative UK departure ports three years ago business has grown. It is an easier proposition for travel agents when the port of departure is close by.

CMV currently offers sailings from a choice of eight UK ports. The company is the only cruise line that has offered a large selection of London – Tilbury departures for the last five years for those living in Greater London and the South East.




Ex-UK cruisers are likely to be older because the experience is relaxing and hassle free. Many wish to see places they may never have visited and can ‘cross a few of their bucket list’ in one go
Ex-UK Cruiser: Cork
Cruises to Cork, Ireland are perfect for UK departures

In providing a ‘home from home’ environment where English is spoken, sterling is used, food and entertainment is tailored to a British audience.

CMV has found that by catering specifically for the needs of the UK customer and by sailing from UK ports, agents can recommend the product with confidence knowing what to expect.



What are your top tips for spotting an ex-UK cruiser?

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