Tattoo parlours replace travel agents on high street

Tattoo parlours replace travel agents on high street

The number of tattoo parlours, health clubs and convenience stores has soared in recent years, replacing familiar high street businesses including travel agents and entertainment stores, according to new research.

The study, by credit ratings agency Experian, said that the rise in online businesses and price comparison websites had led to the ongoing trend.

Overall the number of tattoo parlours has increased by 173 per cent in 10 years, while the number of high street travel agents has almost halved.

Richard Jenkings, a senior consultant at Experian, said the research proved that the internet had had a dramatic effect on Britain. “The high street has clearly become a more social environment, with more restaurants, cafés and leisure facilities emerging up and down the country,” he said.

Mr Jenkings said the changes suggest that “time-pressured consumers are increasingly expecting the high street to play a different role, providing services that can exist as a complementary offering alongside internet shopping.”

Another statistics to emerge from the research was that the number of takeaways has increased by 84 per cent.

While the news for high street travel agents is stark, the situation is far worse for movie rental stores, which have plummeted by 98 per cent in 10 years. The fall is put down the emergence of companies like LoveFilm, Netflix and internet-enabled TVs.


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