The Big Four – adventure: more cruises to Antarctica


We could perhaps be accused of stating the obvious when we say that cruises to the South Pole normally require a decent chunk of time. It’s not unusual for a cruise to last more than 20 days – and that’s not including the time it takes to travel. However, given the fact that not all of your clients are going to be so time-rich – we wanted to include some tours for those passengers who will need to be back in the office taking important calls before too long.

Following on from the publication of Cruise Adviser’s Expedition & Adventure guide 2015-16, each week we will be running our Big Four feature, which gives you four cruise options to choose from. This week it’s cruises to Antarctica.

To request a copy of Cruise Adviser’s Expedition & Adventure guide email: or read it online here.

More than 10 nights

Line: Aurora
Departure port: Ushuaia
Departure date: March 9, 2016
Destination: Stanley and Falklands Islands
Duration: 18 nights
Ship: Polar Pioneer
Price: £9,261

Line: Crystal Cruises
Departure port: Buenos Aires
Destination: Antarctic
Duration: 18 days
Ship: Symphony
Price: £5,369


Fewer than 10 nights

Line: Antarctica XXI
Departure port: Ushuaia
Departure date: November 29, 2016
Destination: Drake’s Passage Duration: Six days
Ship: Hebridean Sky
Price: £2,976


Line: Ponant
Departure port: Ushuaia
Destination: Antarctica
Duration: 10 nights
Ship: Le Lyrial
Price: £4,624


Cruise Adviser top tip

There is usually a commitment – both time and financial – to be made when booking these trips. Don’t shy away from it – they’re worth every penny

Anthony Pearce

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