The Delight of the Danube

The Delight of the Danube

emerald-logo-wwaves-2spotA deeper understanding of culture and what makes a country tick is the reason so many people choose to travel. Broadening the mind and stimulating all the senses as new cultures, traditions and ways of life accept you as their own.

The Danube’s tumultuous past has seen it withstand much conflict and become one of the most culturally significant boundaries in Europe. Most recently, it is recognised as one of the continent’s most important shipping routes as it connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Black Sea.

This magnificent waterway has become a popular choice for river cruisers far and wide

Bratislava castle
Bratislava castle

Its 2,000-mile journey, beginning life in Germany’s Black Forest, scoops up many European landmarks on its southeastern quest. As a result, this magnificent waterway has become a popular choice for river cruisers far and wide, boasting breath-taking views and offering wonderful insights into what gives each diverse stop its identity.

As part of an Emerald Waterways river cruise, the excitement is almost literally on your doorstep as your Star-Ship sets sail like your very own floating boutique hotel. The vessel’s intimate environment boasts just 72 suites and 20 staterooms to accommodate 182 guests. With five cabin types to choose from, ranging from a comfortable Stateroom to the indulgent Owner’s One-Bedroom Balcony Suite, each Balcony Suite offers travellers the opportunity to enjoy a front row seat of Europe’s finest sights. Make the most of the ingenious all-weather balcony system and its floor-to-ceiling window dropping down to waist height at the touch of a button.

Enjoy the heated pools on board
Enjoy the heated pools on board

Docking centrally into some of Europe’s most beautiful cities gives guests the opportunity to explore ancient architecture and peruse artisanal markets, tasting the wares of each community as you go. Leap into the everyday lives of the diverse civilisations that line the riverbanks, from small villages and towns, to vibrant cosmopolitan cities.

Guests will be invited on eye-opening tours as experts unveil the past and introduce you to the modern day simultaneously. Find out the significance of Budapest’s Iron Gate while discovering the city’s vibrant nightlife, and learn about Vienna’s artistic and intellectual legacy with visits to Schönbrunn Palace, marvelling at its contemporary architecture and pondering what it means for the future.

Learn about Vienna’s artistic and intellectual legacy with visits to Schönbrunn Palace

Join the Danube from the Rhine as part of a 15-day Splendours of Europe river cruise which takes you from Amsterdam to Budapest, alternatively, get to know it in more depth on an eight-day trip from Nuremburg to Budapest as part of Danube Delights, or as part of the eight-day Danube Explorer itinerary from Passau to Budapest. Reminders of German, Hungarian and Austrian history are recognisable along the entire route, through grand monuments built in memory of heroism and unspoilt rural magnificence which are beautifully juxtaposed to give you an insight into each country’s past exploits.

Guests will enjoy free wine with dinner while on board
Guests will enjoy free wine with lunch and dinner while on board

Enjoy such sights from the ship’s Sun Deck or during a relaxing stint by the pool, and make the most of the EmeraldPLUS programme which offers extra-special onshore excursions and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Organised group hikes and bikes are also provided so that guests can embark on their own unique adventures, as part of the EmeraldACTIVE offering.

On board, the chefs use local produce to inspire their dishes and provide new culinary experiences, from al-fresco dining at the ship’s Terrace restaurant, to a five-star à la carte menu at the Reflections restaurant. Expert sommeliers are also on hand to pair delicious complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner.

A truly inspiring way to travel Europe’s finest rivers, all return flights and internal transfers are included in the price, as well as port charges, airport taxes and gratuities, adding even more to a service which truly is second-to-none.

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