Valentine’s Day on Viking Star

Valentine’s Day on Viking Star

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us romantics at Cruise Adviser! A cruise is the perfect place for sun seeking couples to cosy up, enjoy the sea views and tour the world together. Unsurprisingly, that notion isn’t restricted to passengers either. Countless couples have met while working on ships, whether in the bars, receptions or up on the bridge.

Viking Cruises have proved that their matchmaking credentials are up to scratch after two of their young staff tied the knot last September, having met while being trained to launch the company’s first ocean ship. We spoke to the love birds – Putu I Gede and Princess Pearl Guzman – to find out how they met and where they would be spending Valentine’s Day.

How long have you worked for Viking cruises?
Putu I Gede: We were part of the team that opened the first ocean vessel for Viking Cruises, the Viking Star, back in February 2015.

How long have you been married?
Putu I Gede: We got married on September 10, 2016

The happy couple
The happy couple

Where did you meet?
Putu I Gede: We first met in the Ambaciatori Hotel when we arrived in Italy. It was to conduct some training with Viking as part of the launch.

How will you both be celebrating Valentine’s Day?
Putu I Gede: Well here on the ship we have a normal day. Whatever the celebration is we still need to fulfil our duties! If we get a chance to have some time off then maybe we will have a special lunch outside. We don’t know what port it will be yet, but anyway everyday is Valentine’s Day for us

What’s it like being married and working together?
Princess Pearl Guzman: We are newlyweds and working on the same ship is good – our world here is small. We see each other often and have more time together. A married life and working with your partner is easy, we inspire each other to do our jobs and motivate ourselves. It’s really good to have a real family on board.

Does your husband treat you like a princess?
Princess Pearl Guzman: That’s the thing I like most, he’s always treated me like as a real princess! I love my name!

Do you have favorite Viking destination or romantic destination?
Princess Pearl Guzman: Kotor, Montenegro. It’s spectacular and very special for us because we had our first lunch date here. We miss eating Ćevapi!

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