Viking launches six new Longships

Viking launches six new Longships

Viking Cruises has welcomed the latest additions to its fleet with the christening of six new Viking Longships during a celebration in Amsterdam. 

Recognising the contribution the travel trade has made to the growth of the river cruise industry, Viking honoured joint owner of Northumbria Travel Limited, Beryl Gibson, godmother of Viking Vilhjalm, along with five other key partners by naming them as ceremonial godmothers.


Here, the godmother shares her thoughts.

How does it feel to be chosen as godmother
It feels truly awesome. The christening in Amsterdam was amazing and it is a fantastic honour for me to be asked to be godmother of the Viking Longship, Vilhjalm. I’ve been working in the travel industry for 40 years and it’s great to have the support and recognition from a trusted brand like Viking.

How were you chosen?
I was chosen by UK trade and staff who were asked for godmother suggestions and I am told that, due to having more than 40 years’ under my belt dedicated to this industry, the outcome was unanimous.

Why have you had such joy selling Viking?
When we started selling Viking it was a brand new product and great to be able to sell a product that not only focused on stylish and innovative ships but also getting guests to the heart of great destinations. The staff on board are both professional and passionate, ensuring that guests always feel at home. The excellent customer service on board really helps to bring the ships to life, adding this to the excellent itineraries, excursions and the relaxed vibe on board makes selling Viking easy!

Have you found many of your Viking river customers getting on board their ocean ships?
Yes, this is something we are definitely starting to see more of – repeat river guests that now also want to try Viking’s ocean product too. It’s easy to see that Viking Ocean Cruises is an extension of Viking River Cruises, based on guest feedback – the ships are incredibly stylish and the dining options on board win guests over every time.   

Who do you think has been the most glamorous cruise godmother?
Joanna Lumley; she’s glamorous and has a great personality too!

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