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Crystal to reduce capacity of ocean fleet and scrap residences

Crystal Cruises has revealed that it is to reduce the size of its current ocean ships, build smaller ships than previously announced and scrap the idea of private residences, as Thomas Wolber, Crystal’s new CEO puts his mark on the company. 

Wolber, who joined Crystal from Disney Cruise Line last year, replacing Edie Rodriguez, also reaffirmed a commitment to the travel agent community.

Under Rodriguez, Crystal announced its largest ever expansion, including ocean ships, river boats and private aircraft. Speaking to Travel Weekly in the US, Wolber said that he wanted refocus the company following its period of heavy growth.

I think this year we need to put our eyes back on what made us Crystal in the first place

“The delivery of the service is what Crystal is known for,” Wolber said. “To be able to continue that, I think we need to take a step back and focus on the size of the ship.”

Crystal will be reducing the size of its three newbuilds from 100,000 gross tons with a passenger capacity of 1,000 to 60,000-65,000-tons with a maximum passenger count of 800.

He also said that private residences would not materialise on the first newbuild vessel.

“I think this year we need to put our eyes back on what made us Crystal in the first place, and that’s the ocean product,” he said.

“As you do so many new things with a relatively small team,” he said, “it’s easy to take your eyes off the ball and focus on all these little new things that we’re rolling out, and you start diverting your attention a little bit from what is your core product and what really is the bread and butter of the business.

“Crystal, as many luxury brands, is highly dependent on the travel trade. And, again, with the disruption, the rollout of so many new things, we need to focus again on our travel trade partners as well and listen to them and their concerns.”

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